Friday, October 12, 2007

American Idol- Back in Atlanta

American Idol was a blast! Call-backs were completed over 3 days October 8-10th at the Georgia International Convention Center in College Park, GA. This was the very last city and they picked the very last group of participants going to Hollywood. It was pretty typical- The crying, the joy, and the DEEPLY disturbed. I wondered whether the camera men ever get punched while following the people out who did not make it to Hollywood.

For those of you that are interested in American Idol- you should know that its a longer process than what you see on Television. Many probably think you just audition for Paula, Simon, and Randy---Well, at least I did lol.

1. During the Cattle Call ( Open Call with thousands of people) you sign up for auditions up to two days in advance. Crew is there around the clock-24 hours.

2. Next, is Audition day. (BTW, you can't sleep overnight anymore) You are there aproximately 6 am until late in the evening. If you were one of those people to sign up to audition late, you had to sit there ALLLLLL day. Despite what many people think, You do not get to audition for Paula, Simon, and Randy now! You audition for producers with about 6 people at a time.
If you make it through the producers at the cattle call, you get to go to the Call-backs which is approximately 1mo-2mos later.

3. When you come back to the call-backs, you have to pre-interview first. If you make it past that stage, later that day you audition for the Executive Producers. If they pick you....on to the next stage.

4. A day or two later, You finally get to audition for Paula, Simon, and Randy. If you make it past this point....well, you know the rest. On to Hollywood!!

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